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It'll make your job and life easier, you'll have more money with very little effort. What do you really want in life? A new, luxurious, and more secure home with fine finished woods, tile inlays, ponds, a stream, and pool and spa building? You can have it and more. Or, perhaps you'd prefer to live in a world-class tennis resort along lakeside, next door to multi-million dollar homes. Live as you want, where you want. Want a new SUV? It's yours. Jewelry? Platinum, or white or yellow gold? Art? Just see it in your mind and have it in your life! A vacation? Pack your bags. THE COURSE ON MONEY will help you make ALL your dreams and financial goals -- come true. YOU'LL LEARN ALL THE SECRETS INCLUDING: 1. Drawing the MAP that will take you to your Future Successes 2. Putting together the right mental attitudes for success 3. Reading the Scientific Proof That Verifies Dr. Polmar's Methods 4. Mentalizing how you¿ll live with wealth, success and prosperity 5. Discovering how to use Pro-activator programs for Success 6. Learning the secrets and singing your way to success 7. Taking a self-inventory and discovering other methods to wealth 8. Learning to solve all your problems and eliminating things that may hold you back 9. Learning the secret of spending your money wisely to make more money for you 10. Listening to Dr. Polmar's courses: Money, Power and Sex and The Millionaire¿s Ten Commandments. 11. Getting the right start ... with building your own abilities. Starting right now! Make your dreams REAL! Dr. Polmar is retired in Mexico. He offers you a glimpse and method to the future of your financial success. In your own hands is your vision and your potential. And with Dr. Polmar's course, you can be the success you always wanted to be, and enjoy the lifestyle you've dreamed of. Order now: on-line, through a secured server, and you'll receive your order electronically within 24 hours. Plus a free bonus audio downloads of courses in self-power through thought, for you and your loved ones. Others have paid thousands for the methods ... you can learn them online, and achieve your goals for $39.95. And it's guaranteed! LEARN: ON-LINE VERSION $39.95
How do you go about creating the personal successes that you¿ve desired for much of life, you ask yourself that often, don't you? Besides teaching all of our speed reading techniques, you'll learn stress management, powerful mental programs for success, goal planning, and time management. All these secrets are ready for you to use in these lessons. Why not start now? Audio Programs that accompany Power Programming with Visualization : Speed Reading / Comprehension Educational Power Programming Lecture / 3-in-1 Memory, recall, concentration Accelerated Learning Skills / Develop Total Self-Confidence Intuitive Test-taking / Memory for Test-taking Success programming / Prosperity Series Eliminate the Babbler/Develop Self-Power
SPEED READING FOR STUDENTS Level: 3rd grade through high school Contents: E-books include: If You Can Read This, You Can Read Faster (min. 3rd grade reading level) Speed Read in Only One Hour (min. 6th grade reading level) Audio Programs include: Power Programming with Visualization for Speed Reading / Comprehension
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